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Steam Education


Proje hakkında

The age range of our project is 7-11 years. In the project, we will ensure that the STEAM training approach activities are carried out at school, at home using the creativity of the students and to raise awareness about this training program. We will be able to relate different disciplines by using technology effectively. The project will be implemented between September 2019 and May 2020.


  • 1. To adopt an understanding of education which requires using Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics together,
  • 2. Using collaboration, communication and research in STEAM activities,
  • 3. To develop problem solving, critical thinking and creativity skills,
  • 4. To participate in the studies that relate different disciplines to each other,
  • 5. To offer students the opportunity to express themselves, to gain self-confidence,
  • 6. To use technology effectively and consciously,
  • 7. To develop advanced thinking skills
  • 8. Progress in cognitive and affective areas,
  • 9. Using the approach of learning by doing in the project,
  • 10. To contribute to school-family cooperation,
  • 11. To make educational environments in schools functional like skill workshops.
  • 12. To share the works, photos and videos on the project page,
  • 13. We aimed to conduct STEAM training activities between countries.

Çalışma Süreci

Project implementations;
- Project logo and poster works are made in September.
- Studies that will associate courses in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics will be made jointly with the project members, and each partner school plans and carries out the works to be determined by itself.
- During the project, the activities of the project members with their students within the scope of STEAM training approach are shared with the project partner schools.
STEAM Project, implementation phases;
1. In the scope of the project, science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics fields with each other by producing the work of our students. Creating this awareness in the production of STEAM educational activities in the families of the students
2. Promoting and disseminating STEAM training activities and activities within the project through exhibitions to be held in partner schools as a product of the project.

Beklenen Sonuçlar

At the end of the project we expect the project to achieve its objectives. We will increase the diversity of activities applicable to the STEAM training approach with our project. We will prepare a padlet page with photos and video images of STEAM training activities as our joint product. At the beginning of the project and at the end of the project, we will conduct questionnaires for implementing teachers, administrators, participating students and parents. With these surveys, we will measure the level of achieving the expected results in the project. We believe that the project contributes to professional development and will have positive reflections on both students and families. We anticipate that it would be nice to work together with our partner schools to gain new ideas and different perspectives.


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