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Erasmus  Plus project: TEPS.

This new projects will last 3 years and what is new is that when a project is accepted all the partners will take part! The idea is making Technique Boxes and sharing other experiences. It will be a child and teacher friendly project!


We want to make an attractive Erasmus + project Partnership about technology for our children and teachers. We are going to make boxes with simple technical materials which give children the possibility to work on their own with different subjects, and we want to learn from other European colleagues.

Some examples:

  • How can you make your own “ballpoint” pen from the components and the pictures of it in the box.
  • Can you make an aeroplane from a sheet of a paper?
  • Make your own clock
  • Develop your own tower or bridge with little sticks
  • Develop a rocket with a balloon
  • Make your own hover craft
  • Make your own music with a music box.
  • Play music with your bottle-organ. You fill bottles with water and play the music.
  • Build your own house or bridge with some small bricks.
  • Can you use a route planner to your favourite (holiday) destination?
  • Etc etc etc.

During the 3 years of the project we will exchange the ideas about making boxes, experiences and materials; teachers can visit the partner schools to see the boxes and/or lessons. Beside this item it will be good to see the school and meet the European colleagues.

Every partner will have some satellite schools that can join the project and will have benefit of this project by having copies of the boxes and other materials.

School – classes- will do experiments – see each other with skype or Etwinning. It will be good for their English language.

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